Design and Manufacture of Plastic Injection Molds for The Medical, Irrigation, Home Products and Toy Industries

  • engine designWe ship out our completed molds all over the world. Our Facility houses well known Injection & Blow Molders.

    Many products are made by Plastics these days like Computer Cases & Components, Common Household Items, Electronic Casings, Toys, Controls, Fixtures, Automobile Parts, Appliance Handles, Bottles, Gadgets, Containers and More!

  • Why Choose Us...
    With over 20 years of reputable work and our Quality Control Procedures we are ready to serve you. We run all our Molds through Visual and Coordinated measuring machines to ensure the perfect finish. Size is no issue with our molding equipment and experience. Just Name it...send us what you would like and I'll get back to you with an accurate assesment.

    About MSP